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Here at G2 Labs, we feel virtually anything can be improved no matter how well it is perceived.  Here are some thoughts and ideas of our members that might help make the world a better place.  We welcome your comments and engagement.

Why you should run for president

042720-Why should each of us run for president? First of all, because we can. In America, everyone - assuming compliance with fairly reasonable guidelines - is permitted to run for president. You need to be within... 

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                  Equality, right?

050420-Life is full of very complicated, convoluted and controversial concepts, none more so than that of equality. This is why I try and live by simple rules and processes. A number of these are found in familiar...

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  DETOX™ Approach to Security

051120-Security is critical to any society if it wishes to grow and even survive. It falls primarily under the executive branch but its foundation is found in the legislative and judicial wings of government. That is, the... 

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  DETOX™ Approach to Defense 

051820-“Freedom isn’t free.”

“The best offense is a good defense.”

I hold these two truths to be self-evident when it comes to defense: individual, societal, corporate, national. Everyone loves a...

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    DETOX™ Approach to Labor

052520-Labor in the 21st century is far different than it was at this time in the 20th century. In order to discuss the future of organized labor, it is important to agree on this fact. A century ago, labor was much...

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   DETOX™ Approach to Service

060120-Service should be a keystone policy for any leader – whether as a leader of a nation or of a family. I have always believed in service, service for its own sake versus service for monetary gain or service in support of...

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DETOX™ Approach to Diplomacy

060820-A basic question needs to be answered in the realm of international relations; does America want to be the leader of the free world? A decade ago this would not have been a question. However, times have... 

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 DETOX™ Approach to The Press

061520-As a citizen of America - endowed with a free and independent press - I want to be informed about what is happening in my backyard, my state, my country and the world. I want the press to educate me but not to...

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     The Presidential Checklist

062220-The role of the President of the United States should not be as complicated as people make it out to be. After all, it is a job just like any other job. If the position is addressed dispassionately, there is a job description...

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Quality Gin from Vodka 

062920-COVID success story... Because I enjoy a martini at the end of the day, I decided to employ my own proven DETOX™ process , to help me through this difficult situation. That is, I would DETOX to Re-Tox... 

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 Water Treatment - The UV Light

070620-Today's blog will discuss ultraviolet light as a viable option for the treatment of bacteria in drinking water supplies. The focus will be on well water sources but we will also discuss the advantages of UV lighting for...

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DETOX™ Approach to Healthcare

071320-It's a simple concept and, as you know, I believe we should agree on the simple high-level concepts before we go any further. This is because people jump down two, three, 10 layers and disagree on virtually everything...

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